Our Services


Hello there, you are looking for a salon that can offer all those services? Look at what we offer below. Do not forget to see our friendly prices too!

The European Facial for $75 per hour.
Before the European facial is conducted, we determine the skin type first so that the customer receives the ideal treatment. So, you need not worry of your skin type because even sensitive skins are not left out. For best results, we carry out deep cleaning, steaming and if there is need for extractions, it will also be done. Don’t forget that you will get the chance to receive gentle and relaxing facial and neck massages to help you recover from any stress.
Oxygen facial for $85 per hour
As the name suggests, this will help in keeping the skin fresh. The subjection of the skin to fresh air will help in restoring the youthful nature of the skin.
The pumpkin peel for 85 per hour
It involves the elimination of dead skin cells by use of pumpkin and cinnamon aromas depending on the skin type. A Revitalizing Chocolate Mousse Masque is then used as a finish to give you a pleasant feel.
Anti-aging vitamin C facial at $85 per hour
This treatment prepares your skin for the absorption of vitamin C. The use of citrus cleansing and jojoba scrub exfoliation produces excellent results especially if the whole process is concluded with the use of Botanical crème. Vitamin C helps to restore the youthful nature of the skin.
Mini facial at $50 for 30 minutes
It is a customized facial cleanse that involves, cleansing, steaming, treatment, facial massage, masque, and moisturizing
Swedish massage at $50 for 30 minutes, $75 for one hour, and $115 for 1.5 hours.
This is the best if you have stress. It helps to relax the muscles and ease pains
The deep tissue for $90 for one hour, $135 for 1.5 hours
This is a form of personalized/ customized treatment of pain and aches.. It is conducted according to the requirements of the client.
Reflexology for $45 for 30 minutes, $10 for peppermint foot masque and hot towel treatment
This is meant to stimulate the nerve endings in every foot. When the nerve endings are stimulated, the effects of the stimulation will be felt in all parts of the body because the nerves corresponds to all parts of the body.
Myofascial release at $50 for 0.5 hours
This is a good one for victims of joint pain, fatigue, sleeplessness, anxiety and depression
The stone therapy for $85 per hour
It involves the use of special heated stones to manipulate the massage and transfer a warm heat to different part of the body.
The prenatal massage at $75 per hour
Expectant mothers are not left behind. The prenatal massage helps the expectant mothers to relax and release stress from their lower backs as well as the legs with the help of sounds and aromas that helps in relaxation.
Massage sampler at $90 for one hour
Perhaps you wish to have an experience of the hot stone, reflexology and the Swedish massages, then this is the best for you. You will get the chance to have a sample of all the massages.
Couples massage for $170 per hour
You love new experiences? Don’t be left out in this.