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Woman Soaking Her FeetReflexology can be described as a natural way of manipulating the hands and feet based on the theory that they match the organs in the body. Professionals will thus apply pressure in certain areas of the feet and hands in order to improve blood circulation. However, you should not confuse reflexology with massage.

For generations the North Americans have used this technique for healing purposes and mostly because it’s not invasive and it provides great results to all those who consider it.


Reflexology has many benefits and it cannot be compared with massage therapy. The former matches the pressure points of your feet with the larger areas of your body. So basically, professionals who perform this kind of therapy believe that your feet have certain areas which are linked to various organs in your body and by stimulating them, your overall health will be improved. There are many advantages reflexology has and they include:

Relieves sports injuries
Can stabilize disorders of the digestive system
Deals with hormonal imbalances
Improves your immune system
Revitalizes your body with energy
Balances the emotional and physical aspects of your body
Helps with reducing bodily toxins
Reduces stress


Reflexologists are professionals who consider themselves holistic medicine practitioners and you should not mistake them for a foot doctor. All they do is improve various functions of your body by manipulating your feet. When you consider a session of reflexology, you will bring healing, relaxation and relief to the area of your body corresponding to the point where the pressure is applied.


In reflexology, using pressure is mandatory. Professionals will always apply it by taking into consideration the frailty of the individual’s body and also the conditions or imbalances he is suffering from. For example, blockages which are responsible for pains or disease will usually respond very well to this kind of therapy and that is why so many people consider it.

Benefits and Warnings

For many years now, reflexology has created a history around it that it can easily relieve people from different kinds of pains or from conditions that cause pains. Because of its effectiveness, it has been deemed in time as being one of the complementary alternative medicines that are barley associated with side effects.

Regardless of the condition you might be suffering from, you should know that reflexo-therapy will not make it worse. The only side effect that you’ll experience after the session is over is that your feet will feel absolutely amazing. If you’re looking for overall comfort, then you will first need to start with your feet.

Last but not least, you should know that reflexology is not actually a substitute for competent professional treatments depending on the conditions you might be suffering from. It’s just a complementary technique which is recommended to be paired with the treatment your medical professional recommends you.

With that being said, now you know what reflexology involves and why you should consider it as soon as possible if you experience any kind of pains. Enjoy your very own session as soon as possible!