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The Different Types of Facials

4_Season2Facials are procedures which involve different types of skin
treatments. These are usually done by experts in beauty salons but can also be performed when one visits a spa. These treatments include exfoliation, use of creams, lotions, facial masks, or even having a massage. If you are looking forward to having an attractive and smooth face, a facial may be all you need. This is because all these treatments are aimed at detoxifying the skin as well as hydrating and nourishing it. Generally, it makes it to appear younger.
There are different types of facials. They can be categorized as a facial for men, facial for women and an anti aging facial.
Women’s Facial
The skin of women is usually sensitive and is affected by many factors. They therefore need special treatment to help with their sensitive skin. There are a number of sub categories here.
If you are on a tight budget, this could be the best option for you. It involves simply cleaning the face with steam just before exfoliating with the help of a scrub and then applying suitable face musk. After all this the face is hydrated with a ph balanced moisturizing agent.
•Acne reduction
This facial is advised for people who have oily skin. It features deep cleansing as well as unclogging pores to enhance the breathing of the skin. To manage the acne, special masks are applied right after exfoliating.
Below are other types found in the women’s category;
•Electric current
Anti-Aging Facial
The facials applied here involve the use of certain techniques and special products which are meant to reduce the rate at which the skin ages. They ensure the skin becomes brighter. Massaging is also a must here since it is a process which helps to tighten the sagging skin which results to wrinkles. In this category, we have the collagen, microdermabrasion and Glycolic Acid facials. All these include products which are essential for a younger looking and healthy skin.
Men’s Facial
Thousands of men leave proper skin care to the women. They think that it is not essential for them as well. However, it is important that they give more attention to their skin since they also need to maintain a young looking skin. Their products are usually different from the ones used by women.
•Aromasque facial
This is perfect for men who usually have to undergo stressful moments most of the time. Aromatic oils are what is used to help in the hydration of the skin as well as the relaxation of the muscles found on the face.
•Regenerating facial
If you have to work under the sun or in a polluted environment, this could be the best option for you. These harsh conditions may result to a dehydrated and broken skin which will in turn require some form of healing.
All the above are facials which will help different types of skin to look better if done as required. It is important to ensure that the person performing the procedure is well trained. After sometime, you will start noting the difference in your skin’s health.